14th March 2024 Newsletter

You asked and it’s arrived!

Danny has just unloaded our newest container and I couldn’t wait to bring this very special offer directly to you all. I pushed him out the way to get to these! For so long a lot of you have been asking for storage for everything, from your Brushes, your Dies, your Stencils; and I thought of the best way to do it.

Lisa Horton Crafts Zipped Bag And 4 x Heavy Duty Zipped Wallets

The bag itself is an impressive 19cm x 25cm x 10cm with velcro dividers; so plenty of room!

But not only that, within this you will recieve 4 x Zipped wallets which are just over A4 in size! They are 23.5cm x 32cm. They’re massive!

Stock is very limited but it is exclusive to you all at our website. This offer will not appear on TV!

After this initial stock goes, the price will go up to £22.99.

Until the stock runs out, you will be able to get this for £19.99! but don’t forget if you are a Club member you will receive you allocated discount on top of this! So get in quick!


Lisa x