22nd April 2024 Newsletter

We have a change in our usual schedule for this week. We’ve decided against bringing you Lisa’s Pick... because we have something extra special this coming Friday!

Friday Live

Friday’s nights are usually reserved for Lisa’s Friday Night Lives across our social channels with the added bonus of a few discounted items available for a limited time only... this Friday we have something a little different.

Welcome to Friday Night Live Showcase

This Friday, at 6:30pm across all our social channels we will be showcasing 10 products which will be launching exclusively to Lisa Horton Crafts! Throughout the week across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok we will be teasing you with some of th gorgeous finished samples!

Set your clocks for 6:30pm this Friday and join me in what I’m sure will be a very exciting and busy evening!

Set your alarm clocks!

Lots of love,

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