7th May 2024 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

There is a slight change this week. We have decided not to have Lisa’s Pick this week, due to the fact I am on TV today with the One Day Special. We have a really busy fortnight ahead of us and I didn’t want Danny swamped with orders... it’s going to be busy enough as it is!

Today’s One Day Special is the Just Bee-cause Collection! It’s brand new and hasn’t been seen anywhere and is premiering on Create and Craft at 6pm. Our last few Headliners and One Day Specials have sold out before the end of the day so I suggest you get in quickly and early!

It’s only £53.99 and for Create and Craft Club Members it’s even less at £48.59.

Just Bee-cause Bundle

Click the above image to purchase early!

Next week...

Spellbinders... that’s all i’m going to say apart from the fact I am SO EXCITED for the launch of my brand new range from the amazing brand of Spellbinders. I can’t actually believe I’m typing this!!! It’s going to be epic, and is launching EXCLUSIVELY on Create and Craft next Wednesday 14th May at 8am... Tune in!